Our Farms

Delridge Sub-Acres

A fresh 1,500 square feet sit in the backyard of members Ryan and Mikhaila. What was partially sod and partially overgrown weeds is now growing 16 different crops and developing the soil life.  With views of the Olympics and of downtown skyscrapers, Delridge Sub-Acres sits on the south-west end of Seattle with proximity to one of Seattle’s food deserts.  For a tour or more information contact Mikhaila Gonzales or Ryan Hawkes.

City Grown

Spanning the neighborhoods of Ballard, Wallingford and the Central District, City Grown is working towards increasing the productivity of land in the city one backyard at a time.   By providing a hyper-local food source, City Grown is working towards promoting neighborhood self-reliance.  Vegetable crops are the main focus for the year 2010, with the aspirations of including other products as time and growth allows.  Contact Scott Behmer or Noelani Alexander if you are interested in learning more.

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